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<Name & Address>
Researches on Environmental Regulations in Germany and Europe
Mr. Mochizuki Koji
Address:    Martin-Luther-Platz 13, 50677 Koeln, GERMANY
Contact:    here
Homepage: http://www.mochizuki.de

<Contents of business>
a) Research (single client)
  Research work is executed according to the order of the client.

b) Email-NEWS
  “Announcement on the orderable material on environmental regulation”
   published irregularly (multi client)
   Receiving email-news is free of charge. Only if the client orders, he pays the

c) Advice
   If you need advice in the field of environment,
   please don’t hesitate to contact  Mr. Mochizuki.

1969: Bachelor of Engineering from Waseda University in Tokyo
        (Applied Physics).
1969 to 1977: worked as an engineer in an electrotechnical company in Tokyo 
        (Quality Assurance, R&D, Production Management).
1977: resigned and came to Germany. Since 1978: worked as translator and
         interpreter for German/Japanese for industrial technology.
Since 1991: working as an independent researcher & consultant for 
2006: supported the delegation of the Japanese Government for EGBATBEP 2
   for Stockholm Convention in Geneva.

Companies, industry associations, governmental organizations, and universities in Japan.

<Lectures (excerption)>
1996 for JETRO Düsseldorf: “Tendency of environmental problems in Europe”

1998 for JETOC – Japan Chemical Industry Ecology-Toxicology & Information
            Center in Tokyo: “Tendency of chemicals regulation in Germany”

2001 for Japanese Society for Waste Management in Hiroshima: “Waste
            Management and Environmental Regulations in Europe”

2002 for JETOC in Tokyo: “Chemicals regulations and recycling directives of the
            European Union”

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 for Kyoto University in Kyoto: “Tendency of environmental regulations in Germany and Europe”