Mochizuki Koji - Researches on Environmental Regulations in Germany and Europe

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This "Researches on Environmental Regulations in Germany and Europe" is the service offered by an independent consultant, (Mr) Mochizuki Koji, living in Cologne/GERMANY that informs you of legislations in all fields of environment from the draft stage laid down in Germany and Europe. Approaches of Europe, especially of Germany, for the environment are most advanced in the world and that why it is not seldom that the German environmental law of today is that of the world of tomorrow. For instance, Germany preceded Japan in dioxin regulation some 10 years and in asbestos regulation some 15 years. The aim of the service is to deliver you the most important and newest information on this issue in Japanese language.

The results of following the environmental regulations in engineer's sense are published by lectures and by articles in specialized magazines. Individuals, companies, and organisations are informed on request of the important results by emails titled "Announcement on the orderable material on environmental regulations in Germany and Europe" as soon as they have been got. This service is performed, however, only in Japanese language.

Inquiries in English, German or French language are welcome! Please input them from "Contact".